What’s the best way for the board to govern your organization?

It Depends.


rEvolutionary Governance.

Finally, a straightforward governance system that recognizes boards are in different stages of evolution and meets your board right where it is.

In this handbook, you will learn:

  1.  A simple step-by-step approach to evolving your board along a continuum
  2.  How to operate optimally, no matter what stage of evolution your board is in
  3.  The board member qualities, ideal group dynamics, strategic focus, policies and procedures targeted to the stage you’re in now, as well as those you’ll need to progress to the next stage

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What Association Board Members and Staff are Saying

I am trying to move my board to Stages 5 and 6, as I came in 2.5 years ago to a mess which they didn’t even realize they had. I am hoping I can share some of your information to move them forward and help them understand how to not keep defaulting to the things as before. Truly appreciate the information.  

Leeann Sherman


This is absolutely the best and most useful book on association board governance I have ever read. It is particularly useful for small and medium-size associations which comprise the vast majority of associations in existence.

Gregory E. Williams

MA, MBA, CEO, Redpoint Resources LLC

Whenever I read something Jeff wrote or hear him speak, I say “of course. . . I knew that” or “I should have thought of that” – because it makes eminent sense.  He has a magical ability to take a concept (that is likely complex) and reframe it in terms that make you say, “Now I get it.”

Francine Butler


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Get your free handbook, rEvolutionary Governance, and apply a governance system that meets the specific needs of your board according to its stage on an evolutionary continuum.

About the Author

Jeff Arnold


Jeff Arnold is a leadership strategist who helps associations provide visionary leadership, establish aspirational cultures, and produce remarkable results.

Jeff is an association leadership strategist who helps association CEOs and their Boards of Directors build world class strategy, world class boards and world class board/staff relationships. He is President and co-owner of Leading Associations, a company that offers training, consulting and management services to associations, and provides a roadmap to building visionary leadership, establishing an aspirational culture, and producing remarkable results.